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iSAP1000 Convergence Bridge/EOS Optical Transceiver


STM-1 interface supports 1+1 backup; E1 interface supports balanced interface and unbalanced interface; The Ethernet interface supports 2 groups of COMBO (2 optical and 2 electrical), and also supports link aggregation and link backup functions; Compliant with ITU-T G.8040 standard, Ethernet data supports flexible HDLC/GFP encapsulation, a VCG group supports 16 E1 virtual concatenation (32M bandwidth); E1 channel delay tolerance ±220ms; Support E1 loopback detection and line functions; support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, QinQ; Convergence equipment supports Console, Telnet, SNMP and other management configuration methods; remote E1 protocol conversion can be automatically discovered through in-band management; under a unified network management system platform, link equipment (central office convergence protocol conversion-remote protocol conversion- End-of-fiber transceiver) three-level management.




iSAP1000-GE/16E1: A convergent bridge device that realizes 16 E1 to GE mapping convergence





iSAP1000-GE/STM1: A convergent bridge device that realizes the mapping and convergence of one STM-1 to GE




iSAP1000-STM1: A compact EoS optical transceiver that realizes multiplexing transmission of Ethernet services and E1 services




General indicators


19 inch 1U device

power supply

Support AC, DC, AC+DC (AC: 90-265V; DC: -48V,)

Power consumption


Operating temperature


Working humidity

≤90%(No condensation)