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RRI-E240 network interface board


RRI-E240 rear IO interface card is a rear IO interface expansion card used by Hengguang Information with BNR-E2000/BNR-E2300/BNR-E2302/BNR-E3400/BNR-E3402 and other products. A single card can extend up to 24×10GE interfaces.


Product number

product description


Rear IO interface card, panel supports 24×10G ports


★ Port and adaptation

⊙ Support 24×10GE/GE interface;

⊙ Support the use of BNR-E2000/BNR-E2300/BNR-E2302/BNR-E3400/BNR-E3402, etc.;

⊙ Support hot swap;


★ Management channel

⊙ Support 1×RJ45 management interface;

⊙ Support 1×RS232 Console interface;


★ Technical specifications


Equipment size


Maximum power consumption


Equipment weight