Beijing Hengguang Information Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Park in September 2004. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service of massive network data accurate analysis and processing platform and communication test instrument.

Company was founded 12 years following the following the management aim of: in good faith as criterion, take the quality as the fundamental, on the basis of talent, to the efficiency as the goal, the innovation as the soul, for the Chinese Internet and data communications industry to provide advanced products and quality service, making constant light gradually become a famous enterprise in China's information technology industry.

Relying on the advanced management mode, the company has gathered a large number of high-quality talents and formed a highly combative professional and technical team, especially the research and development team of the company. At present, the company has more than 60 development technicians, including 2 doctors and several senior technical experts, with a master degree or above of over 40%. The team members are skilled and experienced, all the core technologies are independent intellectual property rights, and have applied for several patents and dozens of software registration rights. The research and development direction of the team has always been focused on communication protocol high-speed processing technology, with more than 10 years of experience in integrated circuit design and high-speed network equipment development. The open team atmosphere, the attention to new technology, and the encouragement to innovation have shaped r&d into the most dynamic team of the company.

Talent - based hengguang information is one of the business philosophy. Employees are our precious wealth. Hengguang provides a broad development space for employees who are idealistic, brave in struggle, willing to cooperate and professional, so that they can grow together with the company.

Due to the rapid development of the company, now we are looking for people with lofty ideals to join us. We will provide you with good welfare and working atmosphere. We will work for migrant worker to solve the residence or registered permanent residence, for the staff to provide comprehensive career planning and training programs, in addition to the five social insurance and one housing fund (health care, pension, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund), the company also provides business supplementary medical insurance, reimbursement ratio by 90%, to enrich employees amateur life, the company also regularly held various entertainment activities such as sports, collective tourism. At Hengguang, you can experience the joy of innovation, communication and sharing at any time. Join us, waiting for you is unlimited space for development.

Constant light welfare

Equity incentive plan

For non-local workers to solve the Beijing work residence permit or registered permanent residence

Vocational Training Scheme

Five social insurance and one housing fund (medical care, pension, unemployment, work-related injury, maternity insurance, housing provident fund)

Commercial supplementary medical insurance, reimbursement rate 90%

A unified physical examination is conducted once a year

Once a year, the company has a group tour

Organize staff sports competitions every year

Quarterly fitness, swimming, badminton, basketball, table tennis and other activities

Lunch allowance

Regular welfare

Party branch non-regular activities

Annual general meeting

 Beijing Hengguang Information Technology Co. LTD