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ASC-6410 switch board


ASC-6410 is a switch board of Hengguang Information based on ATCA architecture. The backplane complies with the standard PICMG3.1 (Option 9) specification. It can be used as a standard ATCA switch board, and can also be used with other application processing boards to build flexible application processing solutions.


★ Port and performance

⊙ Support 640G switching capacity;

⊙ The panel supports 10 SFP+ 10G fabric ports;

⊙ The panel supports 2 SFP+ 10G base ports;

⊙ Support 13 40G backplane channels;


★ Application scenarios

⊙ Support standard ATCA chassis;

⊙ Support pure switching scenarios with X86 and other boards;

⊙ Support business-level exchange scenarios of specific systems;


★ Functional indicators

⊙ Support adding vlan tag and stripping by port;

⊙ Support L2 layer rules;

⊙ Support outer IP mask rules;

⊙ Support multiple hash algorithms;

⊙ Support the same-homing/broadcasting/mirroring/discarding of traffic;

⊙ Support N+1 main-standby redundancy among multiple switch boards;


★ Management and control

⊙ Support SSH/TELNET login;

⊙ Support SNMP management;

⊙ Support viewing and adjusting the fan speed of a specific ATCA chassis;


★ Technical specifications